Quadro 6000 - Error in Stereo Driver

Apparent gpu/3d vision driver issues and need help. Built a simple 3D stereo application for a school project about 3 years ago … in C/OpenGL with a pc, Windows7-pro 64-bit, 16GB, VS2015. I put it away and tried to pick up where I left off for another project but got notice that VS2015 license expired, couldn’t update to VS2019 for not enough memory … updated to 500GB, W10-pro 64-bit and VS2019 … downloaded gpu and 3D vision kit drivers from NVIDIA site. When I try to enable 3D stereo or run 3D vision setup wizard from NVIDIA control panel I get an error “Error in Stereo Driver” … NVIDIA tech support hasn’t been able to help yet. Any ideas? Is Quadro 6000 old hat now? If so, what is a middle of the road gpu for developing 3D stereo applications with OpenGL? Thanks!