nVidia 3D vision working on GeForce with OpenGL in Windows, not on Linux

Dear developers,

I learnt that recently (I think starting from the 319 driver line), nVidia 3D vision with OpenGL quad buffering is supported on recent GeForce cards.
I was going to use this for scientific visualization, as most of our machines at university are equipped with nVidia cards.

On Windows, everything is working fine with OpenGL and recent drivers.

However, trying the option “Stereo 10” in Linux, I get the following on a GeForce 880M:
NVIDIA(0): USB IR emitter stereo requested

NVIDIA(0): Stereo is only available on Quadro cards
NVIDIA(0): Disabling stereo.

Is this a known linux-only limitation? Will I have to resort to ugly hacks like flipping between images for left/right myself and emulate the IR protocol?
Or is stereo=10 just the wrong option here?


Its supported on Quadro graphics cards excluding Quadro NVS cards. : http://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro_pro_graphics_boards_linux.html

This I know (this has been working for a long time).

So I understand correctly that nvidia 3D vision on standard GeForce cards with quadbuffered OpenGL is unlocked and working perfectly fine on Windows, but (still) unsupported on the same GeForce hardware under Linux? So Linux users have to buy Quadro-cards to get 3D vision?

This is sadly a no-go concerning our budget for scientific visualization.

I still have to understand what “feature parity” means in the nvidia developers minds.
(Not that i expect any kind of answer here…)

Windows costs lest than buying a Quadro GPU.

Please do.

NVIDIA usually don’t unlock features.

In fact, it’s much much cheaper in the academic area than what you normally pay.

Of course, that does not re-write our applications to work around all the issues Windows has when used in a HPC environment. This is even more expensive than Quadro cards for all machines.

I must say I also do not understand why such a feature was unlocked, but for Windows only. Leaving DirectX-3D-Vision-only unlocked and OpenGL to the Quadro-cards was much more understandable, now it’s more like an anti-Linux statement.

I don’t really expect an explanation here, maybe nouveau will be able to support this at some point.

I completely agree, it would very nice to have that feature also under Linux.

For a Linux Media Player or Video Game Box having 3d stereo it is very annoying to have a software limitation preventing non professional card to use this feature.

With Steam OS and Steam Machines expected in 2015, it would be a shame to not have a better parity in Windows/Linux drivers functionalities.

Nvidia Linux developers,

I just want to follow up on this thread. I recently purchased a new workstation at work, and to save some of my research money, I put in a GeForce 970, as I assumed that the NVidia 3D vision kit 2 would work fine in linux without the need for a Quadro card.

Obviously this isn’t the case, is there planned driver support as some application I am using would be infinitely easier to navigate with stereo 3D.

Thanks for your reply.