Nvidia Linux driver / 3d vision supported as of 2016.10.10?

Recently I came across this update posted on the nvidia page from Oct 2016:
It has the following statement:
"Added support for NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Stereo on Linux. This IR emitter can be used with stereo mode “10” set in the X "

Looking at the the “supported products” tab it lists a barrage of products including non quadro products. I checked the additional info page and there is no mention of 3d vision being restricted to quadro cards only. So what gives? Did Nvidia finally make 3d vision compatible in linux for non quadro owners? If so, that is phenomenal news! :D

I would test it my self but my husky ate all 3 glasses and due to lack of support, I have not bothered buying replacement equipment for testing. If you have tried out the drivers, please report back with your results.