3DVision/Stereo on Xorg/Linux

The readme file of the Nvidia driver for Linux states:
“The following table summarizes the available stereo modes, their supported GPUs, and their intended display devices:
Stereo mode (value) Graphics card supported [1] Display supported

NVIDIA 3D VisionPro (11) NVIDIA RTX/Quadro graphics cards [2] Supported 3D Vision ready displays [3]
HDMI 3D (12) NVIDIA RTX/Quadro graphics cards Supported HDMI 3D displays [4]
Tridelity SL (13) NVIDIA RTX/Quadro graphics cards Tridelity SL DFP
Does that mean: 3D vision under Linux is available:
For RTX cards and Quadro cards
RTX-Quadro cards ?
Because, when I activate 3D vision on my Linux workstation with an RTX2060 , 3D vision gets disabled, the log says: no Quadro cards so deactivating stereo.
In my case I use HDMI 3D (12) .
FYI, when I install M$-windows for testing I have 3D stereo working.
PS: In the worse case scenario, we ask to allow 3D stereo on RTX cards in Linux, since … hardwarewise it works, as tested in m$-windows.
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Stereo on linux is limited to (former) Quadro-type RTX gpus. Nvidia stumbles upon its naming schema growing weirder.
The Windows driver should have the same restriction but it hasn’t.

It would be nice for Nvidia to fix that, since they fixed it in “windows” by accident …