Ubuntu 12.04 with Quadro 1000M Card: Unable to hook up second monitor w/o 3D Vision Stereo Capabilit

I am running Ubuntu version 12.04 (Linux-x86_64). I have the NVIDIA Quadro 1000M Graphics card installed. I am running NVIDIA driver version 319.32, NVIDIA Server Version Number 11.0, NV-Control Version 1.29

While I was installing Ubuntu, my second monitor was connected and was displaying as though the computer recognized it. However, after restarting the computer, the second monitor was no longer recognized. I have tried hooking 3 different monitors up to the laptop, and all gave me the same error:

Display (ViewSonic VA2231 Series (CRT-0)) does not support NVIDIA 3D Vision stereo.


I looked at that page, but when I tried to use the --no-allow-dfp-stereo option:

$ sudo nvidia-xconfig --no-allow-dfp-stereo
nvidia-xconfig: unrecognized option: "--no-allow-dfp-stereo"

Invalid commandline, please run `nvidia-xconfig --help` for usage information.

I also tried setting the --no-stereo option, but that cause my resolution to become extremely small and low quality on the main screen (second monitor still not recognized)


According to that link, stereo should be off by default.

Has anyone had this same problem? How was it solved? I have installed the nvidia-current and nvidia-settings packages, so I don’t know why the no-allow-dfp-stereo option wouldn’t be working. Due to the fact that the monitor is functioning and displaying properly during installation, this seems to clearly be an NVIDIA configuration issue.

Thanks in advance.

Xorg.0.log (49.7 KB)