Stereo monitors

In our work, to display stereo, we use mirrored stereo monitors Стереомониторы
We install NVIDIA drivers for the QUADRO K2200 card as described on the website nvidia work fine.
We launch nvidia-settings, select the “Passive One-Eye-per-Display” mode, save xorg.conf properly, reboot, we see that the image on the two monitors is mirrored.
Then we run glxgears -stereo in the terminal, this monitor should show the image for the left eye on the second for the right (or vice versa), but this does not happen, there is no switching to stereo mode.
nvidia-setting shows a demo picture and there are only pictures for one chapter and there is no switching to stereo.
It is curious that everything works fine on Centos 8 Stream, Centos 9 Stream and Rocky Linux 9 (all clones from RHEL).
We tried all versions of debian clones (10, 11, 12) and Ubuntu 22.04, but they also don’t work anywhere.
Could you tell me what could be the reason?