Request for Info from the Dev Team

Given the deafening silence from my post at:

I would like to make a request for information.

Will 3d vision every be fully supported under Linux and opengl. Is so, when?

Please interpret the following snarkiness as good natured as I am a long time NVidia under Linux fan boy.

The tech itself has been around for a relatively long time. Doesn’t anyone out there think its about time we got full support for this really great tech.

Please please please provide a “real” yes (schedualed to be released sometime within the next decade), or no. Please not the standard PR - we have been working on it and we will let you know when we get there. I will take an answer like that to mean never.

Thanks for any insight that anyone may provide.

3D Vision support is documented in the README:

Thank you for your response.

Please note the word “fully” in my original post. I am aware that 3d vision works with Quadro cards. Quadro cards are not designed as a gaming card.

I am about to take delivery of a gtx 970 and 27 3d vision ready BenQ monitor. It would be nice to be able to play my games in 3d.

Come on guys… Its about time that this feature becomes available to Linux users. It is the only real case of Windows Envy I have.

Again… Thanks for your response and your consideration