3D Vision bug in 530.30.02


Is this the place for bug reports? (The NVidia customer service did point there.)

Linux system with Quadro 4000 (or stronger) is able to produce OpenGL Quad-Buffered active stereo and with X11 option “Stereo” set to value “10” sends the syncronization signal to 3D Vision active shutter glasses via 3D Vision IR emitter. When X11 starts and NVidia’s driver is loaded, X11 logs show that stereo mode is requested, that monitor that supports 3D Vision, and that 3D Vision IR emitter is detected.

Up to NVidia driver version 525.85.12 the emitter does send the IR signal to the glasses when an application renders 3D stereo content.

With NVidia driver version 530.30.02 the emitter does not send the IR signal. This is probably a regression in the driver.

The operating system is AlmaLinux 9 (i.e. essentially RHEL 9) with MATE desktop environment from EPEL repository.
The card is Quadro RTX A4000. The drivers are from the NVidia yum repository.

The current workaround (and proof that version driver is the source of issue) was to downgrade back to the 525 series of driver.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (344.7 KB)
Finally got around to generate the bug report.

Haven’t figured out how to supply the ‘-logverbose’ to the X11 yet – systemd something, not startx.