Linux 3D Vision 2 glasses not syncing - is 3pin DIN required to IR emitter for Quadro P5000?

Linux 3D Vision 2 glasses not syncing - is 3pin DIN required to IR emitter for Quadro P5000?


We are attempting to get 3D vision 2 glasses (not 3D vision pro) to sync on Linux Redhat 6 (config listed below). Chat room only knows about windows (full configuration list at end of message). Linux driver version is 384.111. (Glasses are charged up and turned on)

Monitor does not have IR emitter port and am trying to use it with the external emitter bundled with the glasses on a system that does not have a 3 pin DIN port on it on either the PC or the monitor. Monitor does not have any DVI ports (DP and HDMI) - we are running it in 2k mode, 120Hz from the DisplayPort.

NOTE: We are not using this for games, but for 3D visualization applications for molecule design in a research environment.

FILE ATTACHMENTS: I have the following files available but have not been able to attach to this initial forum posting: nvidia-bug-report.log.gz, nvidia-installer.log.gz, xorg.conf (Attention - I can get these to you via guest account if company firewall will not let me email them to you - please contact me via my nvidia forum account)

System Configuration at bottom of this message.

Question: Is the 3 pin DIN connection required to the external emitter for Linux Driver version 384.111 on Redhat Linux 6 or is only the USB connection sufficient to sync the glasses? (If so that is currently not working as a sync) Information found from google does not give a definitive answer. The External emitter light glows dim green but the glasses do not sync up with a 3D test image (glxgears -stereo). The test application video display appears to be in “double image” 3D mode so I think that the correct image is being displayed on the monitor.

Question: Do I need an accessory 3 pin connector bracket and is there a vendor/part number for this? (system did not come with one).

Question: Will any 3D vision ready monitor with an IR emitter work as an IR emitter using a Display Port connection? If so I would be looking at a current producion Dell monitor. (Does anyone have any Dell recommendations?)

Question: Is there any other 3D configuration utility in Linux other than /usr/bin/nvidia-settings?

Current state of config:

Quadro P5000 but no 3D vision 3 pin emitter port on PC but a socket for it on card inside PC

Linux Redhat 6

Nvidia Linux drivers v 384.111

3D Vision 2 glasses

Monitor is Dell S2417DG 3D Vision Ready Display Port only (No IR Emitter)

xorg.conf.gz (880 Bytes)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (153 KB)
nvidia-installer.log.gz (4.42 KB)

Was able to post the 3 attachments after all.

The stereo connector bracket is mandatory, it emits the switching signal. Looks like Dell is never including them. They sell a connector as accessory:
but it’s not clear if it would fit for your Dell P5000, OEMs sometimes change the connectors.