REGRESSION: Frame Sequential 3D Stereoscopic broken on Windows Driver 545 WHQL

After upgrading to driver 545 and running a DX11 stereoscopic 3D application in fullscreen mode we observed the application display white when the right eye image should be displayed causing a disorienting strobing effect.

Running the same application in windowed mode works fine the issue appears to only apply to fullscreen or borderless windowed.

debugging the application with Nsight shows that both textures are present on the stereo swapchain it appears the bug occurs after Present() is called.

A6000 Driver: 545.84
Quadro SYNC II Firmware: 2.02

Hi there @csewell and thanks for posting this report.

Could you possibly attach the output of dxdiag.exe to this post?

Can you specify with which driver version this still worked correctly?

I will then open an internal tracking bug and we will get back to you in case we need more information.


Hey @MarkusHoHo thanks for the reply.

Here is the dxdiag output of the pc DxDiag.txt (93.5 KB).
Of the drivers I have tested the feature still works as expected in drivers including and before 538.15.

Please let me know if you need more information. I have videos of the issue if that would help.


Thank you for the details!

A video would be helpful, yes, and even better would be some form of minimal reproduction app or use-case, if you can manage that.

Hey Markus,

Hope this finds you well. I have taken a video but cannot upload it to the forum. Could you please provide an alternative means of getting the video to you.

As for reproducing the issue, This can be done by loading a stereoscopic video in NVIDIA 3D Vision Player and going into fullscreen mode. Upon entering full screen you will observe the stereoscopic effect break with one of the eyes showing an incorrect image (often the desktop background).

The system you are testing with will require a RTX Quadro GPU and 3D display mode to be active


Hey @MarkusHoHo

Hope this finds you well. I’ve attached a video showing the issue in NVIDIA 3D Vision player. Hopes this helps with finding the cause.



Hey @MarkusHoHo,

Is there any update on this?

Hello @csewell,

I am afraid there is not. I tried finding out who might own 3D stereoscopy support but reached a dead end and then lost track of the issue, I am sorry.

The internal bug is opened though, let’s see if I can get more information that way.


Hi Markus,

We have purchased a large volume of A6000 Quadro GPUS & Quadro SYNC II’s.
Is there any other channels we can go through to get this escalated as our system relies on this feature working.


First party to contact is of course the seller of the Hardware, they should have OEM channels directly to NVIDIA support.

Then there is Enterprise support who should be able to guide you as well.

But I already saw progress on the bug tracker. I will check if it is possible to make it visible to you. Do you have a customer account with NVIDIA yet?

As a quick stop-gap, any chance you could roll back to an earlier driver like 537.70?
Or upgrade to Win11?

Hi Markus,

I don’t have a customer account with NVIDIA (I’m assuming that’s a different account to the one I’m using to post here).

It would be great if I could have visibility to the bug tracker. What are the steps I need to take for this to be arranged?

Currently we are using an older driver but this solution will not work permanently as we would like to be able to upgrade drivers going forward


Hi Markus,

We also have the same issue and was hoping to see some progress or update?

We have contacted the Enterprise support and they have advised for 3D Rendering and Stereoscopic on Quadro/RTX/Ada cards to use the regular support channels. So we can’t escalate anything through that channel.

While Windows 11 may be a solution there is no LTSB version for Windows 11 yet and would also be an expensive upgrade path.
So ideally this issue could be addressed on Windows 10

Do you have any update on the progress, priority or visibility of the bug - and when/if it would be resolved for Windows 10?