Mosaic support for older Quadro cards (CX in this case)


hopefully i am posting in the right category. I have system with Quadro CX and two monitors that should produce an overlapping image. After a recent HDD crash, a system upgrade seems inevitable. To my great surprise what was possible and part of the default NVidia Control Panel, namely to produce a single virtual display on two monitors now seems not doable by these means, and neither by the new utility Mosaic.

Tried my luck in the command line, Mosaic 2.0.2, as expected won’t do anything, as it supports only newer cards. Mosaic 1.3.6, however, executes and is able to gather information, but no overlap setting is possible. (A side note: on its page – – under Supported products You can find Quadro CX and Windows 10, whereas in the readme Windows 10 support is missing.)

So my question is, what was possible under windows XP and IS possible under Linux, seems missing under Windows 10, is this correct? If the Control Panel and Mosaic don’t provide this functionality (i.e. define overlapping displays) is there any way to get, e.g. through an NVWMI script? Or is there an older driver, which would provide a workaround?

Any insight would be highly appreciated!

Quadro CX is EOL for software support. The last driver branch that supported is R340 with software support stopping April 2016 -

R340 supports Win10 but the only version of Win10 available at that time is 1511:

We recommend that the you try downloading and testing the R340 driver: and version 1511 of Win10.

There is no guarantee that MOSAIC is supported on this combination. Quadro CX was already EOL at the time of Win10 release and testing advanced features like MOSAIC was not a priority.

Ryan Park

Dear Mr. Park,

thank you very much for your concise answer!

Have tested the R340 driver, with no success, unfortunately. The source for my confusion was the fact that the functionality (which didn’t seem too advanced) i am looking for is available under an up-to-date Linux using the same driver version. Will have to look for another solution.

dimitar ruszev