Remote control won't work with Mosaic (K5000)


Since my computer has been migrated to Win10 I have updated my NVIDIA Driver (GPU K5000) and remote control does not work anymore when in Mosaic mode. It was working very well with Win7.

I tried several drivers version (390, 441, 442, …) but when I try to control my computer with rdc or VNC I have a black screen with an error message “Windows ne peut pas afficher le bureau actuellement” (Win10 cannot display desktop).

Any idea ? Thanks a lot for your help.

Most likely this is the same problem

Hi alexanderrukhlov

Unfortunately this a limitation of the Microsoft APIs not supporting MOSAIC mode. I have flagged this to our engineering team to see if we can come up with some resolution for this.

Any update on this?

Hi amyronets,

I don’t have any update from the NVIDIA side. As this is a limitation of the Microsoft API I suggest you request this support from Microsoft. Microsoft won’t implement this unless they see user demand.