Mosaic and cloning


I have a 4K 120Hz 3D projector (Christie). This projector uses 4 Full HD inputs to create the 4K image.
To manage this, I use Mosaic under Windows 10 Pro.

In order to properly manipulate my applications on this screen, I would have to clone the display to another screen.

My system has 2 quadro P6000 (no SLI), one dedicated to the video projector (4 DisplayPort outputs for Mosaic), and the other the secondary display.

Currently, it is impossible to clone the Mosaic display to the secondary display.

I did a test with 2 quadro P4000 in SLI, but as soon as I create the Mosaic configuration, the option allowing me to clone disappears.

What are the solutions that can be used to clone the Mosaic display to a secondary display?