2x2 with 2 flipped screens not supported?


Using a P620 with driver 416.78

I have 4xUP2516D (Dell, QHD 10bpc) which are in a 2x2 setup. the 2 top screens are rotated by 180° in order to have the panel/buttons on top in order to reduce the framing thickness with the monitors below.

In windowes the two top screens are configured as landscape (flipped). Apparently this prevents mosaic to set them in 2x2 giving me the portrait mode error.

I suppose this is by design as “portrait mode” really meands “not all screens are in the same mode”, right?

Any such config is/will be supported?



This currently requires the Mosaic to be configured without display rotation. After the Mosaic configuration is established and stable, the Warp and Blend API can be used to rotate the “row” of displays. The Warp and Blend API the feature is only available on NVIDIA Quadro 1200 class or higher products with Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell or newer GPUs, or NVS 810 & 510. Unfortunately, using the P620 is not supported.

Wow! I’m in IT as a professional since '96 and personally a little bit earlier. This is the fastest, most accurate answer I received from a support service who took into account all the elements I shared instead of asking me non-relevant questions like BIOS version, OS version, etc.

Kudos! Even though not the answer I wished for, it is/was well explained and documented: well done @TomK@Nvidia!

My only doubt, probably due to misunderstanding is about: “the feature is only available on NVIDIA Quadro 1200 class or higher products with Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell or newer GPUs”: isn’t the P620 a Pascal (newer then F K, M GPUs) GPU?

thanks a lot!

Hi AleTib,

Thanks! Great question. I am reaching out to the PM for clarification. I will get back to you ASAP>


I just learned that this feature will only be available on Sync II compatible GPUs, and not on the lower class GPUs.

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Hi TomK,

Is there a working example of how to do this?
Is ther also some descent explanation on how to implement this?

I need to rotate 1 column of displays, due to smaller bezels.

Kr Davy

Hi @davy.kyndt,

Sorry for the delay with responding, I was on vacation. Unfortunately, I am not a technical resource for Mosaic. I have reached out to the team for answers.

Thanks for your patience.


Good afternoon Tom,
Sorry to jump in on this thread, but I am in a similar situation, I have 4 panels in a 2x2 configuration in Windows 10. Due to the Bezel size, my lower two panels are upside down copies of the top two screens. When in Mosaic the top screens are correct, but the bottom are upside down. Would like to know how Warp and Blend can help me resolve this.



Hi @davy.kyndt and @asylvester

The PM provided this info.

There are presentation links at the bottom of this page that example how to program Warp & Blend API.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi TomK,

Thank you for your answer.
I went through this samples, but unfortunately I’m not really into the C++ language.
Is it possible for NVIDIA to make a working solution? I think for the warp & blend programmers it should be a simple task, whilst for us it a multi-day job.

Thank you already for the support.

Hi @davy.kyndt,

Our engineering team is looking to add this functionality to a future version of our configure mosaic command line tool.

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Thank you @TomK,

Can you let us know when the newest version is available?

Best Regards Davy

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Thank you for the assistance, I was finally able to get into the Monitor’s hidden menu and “Flip” the two lower screens and once done Mosaic was able to stitch the screens together properly.

Is there any update on this? I’m not able to flip my screens in the hidden screen menu.
Best Regards Davy

In my menu the option was called “Mirror” I would look for anything that could be interpreted for the flip. Best of Luck.

I have looked everywhere, unfortunately it is not listed in the OSD menu’s. (DELL P2319H)
I Hope the new version is getting release soon.