Stereo with Quadro/Mosaic

Dear NVidia,
I have bought a Quadro M4000 device and I need to run a 4 screen stereoscopic application. I have 4 identical NEC U321H projectors, capable of 120Hz and DLP. I also have an Optoma ZF2100 stereo glasses with its RF transmitter, conntected to the stereo-sync connector on the video card.

The projectors are set at 1280x720@120Hz and I have activated stereo with din connector in the 3D settings panel.

Without mosaic, I am able to run my OpenGL Quad Buffer Stereo fullscreen application with only one projector. It simply works with the shutter at 120Hz, but just once. At the exit, the driver automatically set the 3D Stereoscopic option in the 3D Stereoscopic Settings panel shown in the following picture. With that option enabled, my application just crashes at start. If I deactivate it, the application will run once again, but at exit that option is automatically anabled again and again.

Anyway, I activated Mosaic, with 2x2 1280x720@120Hz projectors. In this configuration, the RF transmitter is never activated. Shutter is not working at all. On the screens only the right eye is shown.

Moreover, if I uninstall the 3D Vision component of the driver, I get a stereo working, but different. The shutters are very slow. I expect it is the 24Hz of the blu ray HDMI stereo, independently of the configured video refresh rate (120Hz, in my case).

Did I do something wrong? Or any wrong configuration?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Paolo,
I am facing the same problem and I wounder if you had a solution to that.


If this is still an issue please email with this question and we will investigate.

Please include info related to OS - i.e. Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 and also which driver you are using.

In the Stereoscopic display menu you should be showing Quadro Professional stereo as opposed to 3D TV play.

Hi, I am having similar issues…i.e. on a 1 x 5 projector set up with 2 x P4000 gpu for the 5 projectors and a p400 for operator monitor. nvidia control panel will not keep a 60hz refresh rate. I shows 24 hz and when set to 60 screen flashes a couple times and goes back to 24 when is selected.
not sure what problem is as mosaic setup shows screen as 9600 x 1080 and 60hz. monoscopic content runs fine but i’m try to set up stereo feed to projectors as frame sequential at high enough frame rate so no flicker, fyi projectors set as frame sequential input so they up the inputed frame rate. any ideas would be helpful thanks