I see that a new quadro card is out, the M4000. I would like to get one, but before doing so, I was wondering if someone at NVIDIA could tell me if I can actually drive 4 4K monitors using Linux or will that only work under windows. The GTX 900 class cards have 3 mini dp 1.2 outputs. When I hooked up 3 4K monitors, the linux drive was only able to drive 2 of the 3 in 4K MST @ 60Hz. For some reason, the GPU in the GTX 900 class card could only drive up to 4 channels and a 4K MST @ 60Hz requires 2 channels per monitor. A post on this forum said something to the effect that under the windows driver, there were some “hardware tricks” which are implemented to drive 3 4K monitors at full 60Hz.

anyway, are there similar issues with the M4000? You can drive 4 4K monitors at 60Hz only under windows? and your back to only driving 2 4K monitors @ 60Hz under linux?



It depends on the monitor. Some 4k monitors (typically G-SYNC ones) are a single tile and you should be able to drive 4 of those. If your monitors are made up of two tiles, then yes, I’m afraid the thing to make more than two of those work at a time is still available only on Windows. I apologize for the delay in getting that enabled for Linux.


It’s an $800 card! uggg…

Anyway to know when a driver will be available when one can drive 4 4K (dual tile) monitors under linux?