Gtx and Quadro on one pc?

good night, I have a question, I can connect my pc with two video cards, as a gtx and a Quadro, is it possible?, 3D work: 3dmax, autocad, rhinoceros 4, but I also like to use my pc to play crysis and other … you can place the two cards in one PC?
someone in U.S. wants to sell me a PC and assures me that if you can do this. is this true? is it possible? The idea is to connect quadro 4000 with gtx 570.

buenas noches, tengo una pregunta, puedo conectar mi pc con dos tarjetas de vídeo, como una gtx y una Quadro?, ¿es posible?, trabajo en 3D: 3dmax, autocad,rhinoceros 4 pero también me gusta usar mi pc para jugar, crysis y demás… se pueden colocar las dos tarjetas en un solo pc?
alguien en eeuu quiere venderme un PC y me asegura que si se puede hacer esto, . esto es cierto? es posible? la idea es conectar quadro 4000 con gtx 570.

Since you have two pci express slots in your mainboard and a powerfull power supply, it is possible.

that is not a question of having the appropriate slots and PSU but whether the nvidia management tools can handle it? can you e.g. hook up the same two monitors to the graphics cards via switches and disable one of the cards via software?

and if that’s not possible, is it at least possible to e.g. have card A display content on monitor 1, while card B displays content on monitor 2?