Multiple GPUs in same PC

I have a quadro P5000 16 GB graphics card in my work station which can support another graphics card as per the workstation manufacturer. My question is do I have to use same graphics card (Quadro P5000 16GB) or similar card having same compute capability of 6.1?
Or can I use another graphics card with different compute capability (For example Quadro RTX 5000 having compute capability of 7.5).
The main use case will be distribute data parallel training .

Thank you.


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Tom K

I think you can use both quadro or any different graphic card for workstation. You can easily run a Geforce Card and a Quadro Card together and the play well together. But there is catch, you must use Geforce drivers because Geforce drivers don’t run on quadros drivers but quadros works fine with Geforce drivers.

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