Using both Quadro and GTX Cards on windows possible > Quadro on display?CAD // GTX for Cuda Blend...

how can I / can I use tow Cards:
Quadro M2000 as main system card for display and CAD System, and
GTX 780 TI for just Cuda rendering on Blender in one system !??

What about the drivers on windows 7 x64…
anyone has such a setup and can tell, what about dirvers, they require different drivers, can I tell windows which card to use for display only ?

Hi lihe,

While it is possible to use multiple GPU’s within a system to gain additional performance if the application is multi-gpu capable, it is not possible to mix Professional and Consumer products in the same system for professional applications. When Geforce and Quadro are both installed in a system this would be a non-certified configuration and so the system will default to providing consumer level functionality and you would lose the professional features of Quadro.

Ryan Park

Thankx, the aim is not to use this kind of setup fur mutligpu, but
both cards seperate for a different approuch.
Using (as you mentioned) Quadro on a certified config and cad software,
but the gefore just for rendering in blender with cuda.

I think the windows system isn’t using the 2nd card at all, or does it,
andalso the cad system uses the quadro and the gforce is only plugged in and driver installed,
but no display attached, I’ll try