Quadro 4000 and Geforce 7900GTX on the same machine

Hi all,
I am setting up a windows 7 workstation to work with cuda/opencl applications; the main GPU that should be used for computations is the Quadro 4000.
In order to avoid the 5 seconds limit imposed to the kernel if the GPU is used also to drive the display, I installed an old Geforce 7900GTX to be used only for the display.

Now if I install the drivers for the geforce, the kernel run on the quadro crashes after 5 seconds also if on the quadro there is no display attached; otherwise, if I install the drivers for the quadro, the cuda/opencl software say that it can not find any device with cuda/opencl capabilities.

Does someone has some hints about how such an hardware configuration should be set up from the software/drivers point of view? What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to use such configuration?

Thanks in advance,


If I had to take a guess, perhaps the older generation drivers don’t play well with the newer ones used for the Quadro. If so, maybe you might want at least some older card that’s still supported by the newer driver set.

thank you very much for your answer… I succeed to find an old (but newer) GeForce 8800 and now indeed both of them seems to work fine with the same driver.

Anyhow the 5 second limitation seems still to hold… the Quadro card is installed in the second adapter, in the NVIDIA control panel it is set as the only CUDA-GPU device, while the GeForce is selected as the only OpenGL rendering device… moreover PhysX is set to “CPU”.

What configuration am I still missing?

Thanks in advance,


You probably need to disable TDR:


Or just use Ubuntu Linux and you won’t have to deal with WDDM nonsense.