Which metrics can I see in the PM sampling timeline

the newly introduced PM sampling section shows some metrics like the ones shown here

my question is can I specify extra metrics to show in this section?

When I try to do so using this command:

sudo /opt/nvidia/nsight-compute/2023.3.1/ncu --set full --metrics pmsampling:lts__throughput.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_elapsed

I get this error:

==ERROR== Only single-pass PM sampling configs are supported, but sampling group sampling_cmdline_1 requires 9 passes.

What is the right way to specify metrics shown in this section from CLI?


Hi, @mustafaali

For this specific metric error, we can reproduce. We’'ll check and let you know if there is any update.

What is the right way to specify metrics shown in this section from CLI?
-----You can add “–page raw” in the CLI to make it print in the output.

Hi @veraj

Thanks! My main objective is to add more metrics to the pm sampling section in the report

The metrics can be shown in the report if you collect successfully. You can choose another metric to have a try.

Could you give an example with that? I tried with --metrics pmsampling:lts__throughput.avg.pct_of_peak_sustained_elapsed and it gave the aforementioned error.

Happy Thanksgiving!

See below. I input pmsampling:l1tex__data_pipe_lsu_wavefronts.avg, and I get result in “Details” page.

interesting, thanks.

how can i get a list of available pmsampling:* metrics through CLI?

Sorry. I am afraid this is not supported in CLI now. You can find related metrics in PmSampling.section file.

So can I get the pm sampling view of any metric other than the once mentioned in PmSampling.section?

Hi, @mustafaali
Our devs are working on providing a command to query pmsampling related metrics. Will let you know if it is ready.


Hello,@veraj May I ask can Tesla T4 support PM sampling? And which GPU verison can support PM sampling?

Yes. Tesla T4 supports PM sampling. PM sampling is supported since Turing generation.

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Thanks for your reply. @veraj
But I can’t get PM sampling in details page. (Nisght compute GUI). Could you please give me a example of correct cmd?

My cmd is :
sudo ~/nsight-compute-2020.2.0/nv-nsight-cu-cli -o mnist -f --csv --set full ./b.out

HW & SW version info:
GPU: Tesla T4
CUDA: 11.1
Nsight compute GUI: 2023.2.1

From the CLI, seems you are using 2020.2.0, but you also say GUI is 2023.2.1.
Please note PMSampling is supported since NCU 2023.3
Please get latest package to check.

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Thanks a lot!@veraj I have another question.
The minimum sampling interval of PC sampling is 32 cycles. But in the source code details, each line of assembly code has a corresponding warp state. How is this done? Theoretically, HMAA execution only lasts 2 cycles.

Replied in Question about PC sampling

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