which motherboard(s) for four C1060?

Which motherboard(s) can accommodate four Tesla C1060 cards, under RHEL 5.2?

How would those motherboard connect to a monitor?
Which graphics cards would you recommend for connecting to the monitor?
Will the graphics card on the motherboard do the trick?

How big of a power supply?

Check the fastra website http://fastra.ua.ac.be/nl/index.html. As far as I know it is the only MB to date that can handle 4 cards. The MB and case shown by NVIDIA on NVISION with 1xGTX280 & 3xC1060 was the same one.

Why a 1xGTX280, but not 1xGTX285 or 1xGTX295?

Also, did they use the 1xGTX280 for displaying graphics on the monitor only, or for both displaying graphics

and CUDA computations (i.e., extending the 3xC1060)?

The NVISION conference was before the GTX 285/295 were announced.

Also, the top of this page:


lists vendors who will build a 4 Tesla workstation. You could look at the system specifications they use.

What I understood is that the GTX280 was also used for compute, but if you want to do that depends a bit on your type of application I would guess.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to attach an S1070 so that you don’t have to worry about power & cooling solutions?


That is a really handy page, actually. (And equally valid for people wanting to build a quad GTX 285 system as well.)