Host computer for tesla C1060


I am currently awaiting the delivery of a C1060 GPU and am considering the options for a host computer.

How big of a power supply do I really need?

Since I am new to all this high-tech videocard business, can the GPU card co-exists with another NVIDIA pcie card (I do need some video output at some point!) or am I better off looking for an integrated video card solution?

Any model recommendations, especially from IBM/Lenovo/HP welcome!

What are-you using for you C1060?

You can’t fail if you go with one of NVIDIA’s tested and supported systems: see

You will have to double check the system you plan on getting to ensure that it has 2 PCIe 16x slots: one for display and one for the Tesla. By far, the easiest solution for video + tesla is to make them both 8000 series NVIDIA cards or newer. That way, the same driver can run both. You can get away with intel integrated or another video solution only if you plan on running linux and dealing with many potential headaches getting up and running.

I have an older Dell XPS 720 H2C, and switched one of the 8800GTX’s for a C1060 and it works.

You can go integrated, but only if it is also an NVIDIA card. The power supply doesn’t need to be huge, but at least 550W.

Btw, you can just buy a GTX280 which will be both a video card and a CUDA card. Its performance is on par with a C1060.