We are preparing adequate hardware setup to host the TESLA 1060 GPGPU. At the moment we have following
server machines available and we would like to know whether they are suitable to host TESLA 1060:

SUN ultra 40 M2 NVIDIA nForce Pro 3600 (MCP55) chipset
SUN ultra 24 Intel X38 Express
SUN ultra 20 NVIDIA MCP55 Pro.

Adittionaly, in a case that we decide to compose new machine from scratch,
can anybody suggest some motherboard vendor with Nvidia chpset that would
be suitable for TESLA1060, and possible compatibility issues besides
motherboard to take care of.

Comments needed! Thanks.

As far as I know, the only thing you need is a PCI-Express x16 slot, preferrably v2.0. And a 8 & 6 pin PCI-Express power connector, although 2x 6 pins might also work (it works on a test version of the card)