While checking RSS, I found something strange

While checking RSS, I found something strange.
As a result of checking the distribution of CPU cores when received packets using DPDK 21.11.2, I found that only one core processing the packet.
When a Double Tagging (IEEE 802.1ad) packet with two vlan tags is recieved, one core is processing the packet. I am using MT27800 Family (ConnextX-5), and the F/W version is 16.28.1002.
I would like to know the following:
1. Does RSS operation support for IEEE 802.1ad packets?
2. If it is possible, how can i set up.

hi jabong111

We support rss on qinq, please use last ofed and FW to test.
And please also add param dv_flow_en = 1(detail see https://doc.dpdk.org/guides/nics/mlx5.html)
If still not working, please contact Nvidia Networking support.

Thank you
Meng, Shi

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Thank you for your reply.
i have another question.
how can i check the dv_flow_en set value?
is there cli that show me the config value?

Thank you

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