Why CUDA does not support 3D texture

I 'm wonder why CUDA does not support 3D texture, while OpenGL has 3D texture from 2003.
It is ready available, hardware supported, and lots of people use 3D texture for volume rendering.

Is there any ways that I can use 3D texture with CUDA, except using OpenGL context.


NVIDIA employees have said in other threads that it is on the To-Do list. The hardware supports it, but someone still has to write the CUDA interface (and the 3D texture emulation code for when you debug kernels on the CPU).

Any updates on 3D texture capability?

I haven’t heard anything for a few weeks, but it’s a high priority item for me personally. I’m anxious to have it so its worthwhile for me to begin CUDA-izing a bunch of volumetric map processing code in VMD.

John Stone