Why do I get an error saying "nvlink fatal: cannot open input file ..."?

I am creating the input file by executing a make file.

  1. My paths are set correctly and do not have spaces in them
  2. I have full permissions on this file and directory
  3. I get this error when trying to build an executable using nvcc and the newly created input file
  4. The make file and the newly created input file are in the same directory

For example:

nvcc -arch sm_35 -o examples/main.cu -I -L"" -lcudart -lcudnn -lcudart -lcublas

The nvcc build process uses various intermediate files and temporary directories. You may want to double check the specific files and directories. It could also be an issue if you are running low on disk space.

Passing the --verbose switch to nvcc may shed some light on the issue, or at least which files and directories to check.