why I can not create decoder on MX150 chip?

I have a HP ENVY13 notebook, it has a NVIDIA MX150 GPU and a INTEL integrated GPU,I think I can create a nvdec decoder on MX150 GPU,but I failed,the cuvidCreateDecoder() API return CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE,it is strange,because I had create the cuda context and push it as the current,so why return CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE? Does MX150 support nvdec decoder?

I found the “AppDec” sample in NVIDIA Video Codec SDK V8.2 also can’t create the decoder,API “cuvidGetDecoderCaps()” report the GPU not support decoder,why? MX150 is GP108 chip, and from “Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix” the chip support decoder,but why my app cant create? Is the driver’s problem,or bios? anyone can give me some tips?

Hi, I found the same thing. I have tried to use the “Cuda Samples” , cudaDecoderGL project, but never runned it OK. The cuvidCreateDecoder() API return CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE. I doubt that the graphic driver version not compatible.