using the "CUDA Video Decoder GL" SDK sample to decode high resolution video

I am using the ‘CUDA Video Decoder GL’ SDK sample to decode a H.264 video and display it. I am running Windows 7 with GTX590 & I have cuda toolkit 4 installed.
When I try decoding a 1920x1080 H.264 video, everything works fine, and I can see the video displayed.
However, when I try decoding a 4096x2160 H.264 video, the cuvidCreateVideo(…) function returns CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE which causes a crash.

Obviously, there is no problem with the device, since I am able to decode the smaller video. I also know the GPU is capable of decoding the 4096*2160 movie, since Media Player Classic plays it smoothly.

so why can’t I decode the large movie with the sample API?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

are you able to trace which line throws the error? If you can track down where exactly it’s failing it’d be a good first step

The error occurs at the VideoDecoder constructor, second to last line (line 80). There is a call to cuvidCreateDecoder(…) which returns CUDA_ERROR_NO_DEVICE.

nvcuvid only supports videos up to 2032x2048 or 2 million pixels, whichever comes first. The actual limitations are 127 horizontal by 128 vertical macroblocks, up to 8190 total macroblocks.