cuvidCreateDecoder failed with CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE (GT 630, 2032X2032) (resolution over 1080p)

As title, cuvidCreateDecoder failed with CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE with 4k (3840X2160) video using GT 630. It runs normally with 1080p video. In fact, I’ve tried videos with some resolutions. I found that the resolution below 1080p runs normally, otherwise, it failed with CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE. I also tried GT 730 and it runs normally with all resolutions. So, I think the decoder of GT 630 might not support resolutions higher than 1080p.

Are there any documents or specifications that I can refer to? Or, how do I know further information about the error CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, I updated the Nv decode SDK and found that cuvidGetDecoderCaps can query the ability of decode. I get max decoding width/height of GT 630 is 2032/2032. However, it still failed with CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE when the resolution of source video is higher than 1080p (e.g. 1920X1440, 1920X1200).

Any hint about this?

Can you provide more details related to this failure - which codec, OS and driver version you used.

Hi Godse,

Sorry for the unclear information.

OS: Windows 10
Codec: h264
Driver version:

Another question. Can I use Nv Codec SDK on OS X? I’d like to make a h264 decoder application on OS X. If not, do you know any low-level decode library on OS X?

Thanks a lot.


It appears you have a Fermi GPU.
As you correctly found out, cuvidGetDecoderCaps() API can be used to query the decoder capabilities.

I want to point out to the snippet in cuviddec.h from 9.0 SDK

unsigned int            nMaxWidth;                  /**< OUT: Max supported coded width in pixels               */
    unsigned int            nMaxHeight;                 /**< OUT: Max supported coded height in pixels              */
    unsigned int            nMaxMBCount;                /**< OUT: Max supported macroblock count
                                                                  CodedWidth*CodedHeight/256 must be <= nMaxMBCount */

Along with width and height, macroblock count also should be within the limit.
Can you check that is causing problem for you?


Another question. Can I use Nv Codec SDK on OS X?
Video Codec SDK is not supported on OS X.