Specific resolution decoding is failing with Video Codec SDK

Hi Team ,

In our CCTV system, we are using NVIDIA Video Codec SDK for video decoding and rendering in NVIDIA GPU.

Recently we integrated a camera where a specific resolution(602*128) is decoding is failing.

During decoder creation cuvidCreateDecoder API fails with error code CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE .

Video Input Information
Codec : H.265/HEVC
Frame rate : 43200/8640 = 5 fps
Sequence : Progressive
Coded size : [608, 128]
Display area : [0, 0, 608, 128]
Chroma : YUV 420
Bit depth : 8

The same resolution works fine with H264 and other decoder like Intel msdk and ffmpeg is able to decode the data.

Can you please help me with this ?

Hello @ranjith.r and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am not completely certain, but I think NVDEC H265 needs a minimum resolution of 144x144.

You can check if your specific decoder requirements are covered by the device capabilities by using cuvidGetDecoderCaps(). An example can be found in the NVDEC documentation.

Also, which GPU are you using?


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Thanks @MarkusHoHo for your reply.

I used NVIDIA T1200 Laptop GPU, I checked the decoder capability H265 mimimum supported resolution is 144*144

I will check this condition and fallback to other decoders.

Any specific reason why H265 supports minimum resolution is 144*144 ?

Since other decoders are working trying to understand the problem.

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Good to hear that you can confirm this.

I don’t know the reason for this limitation and I don’t think it is public information that I could share.

Quite often these things go back to memory alignment and utilization optimizations specific to certain chroma subsampling methods. But I don’t know if that is the case here.

Thanks @MarkusHoHo for your reply.

I will fallback to CPU decoding for this resolution.

If NVIDIA team can specified this limitation in the decoder capability, that will be easy for us to communicate to the end user.

In the below link, maximum resolution supported for each codec is specified, similarly minimum resolution supported also can be specified.


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Thank you!

I think that is a very good improvement suggestion, I will make sure to forward it!

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