CUDA Video Encoder maximum resolution

Running CUDA 5 on a GTX 680

The ‘GeForce GTX 680 Whitepaper’ states that the encoder is capable of handling up to 4096x4096 resolution.

I want to produce a video from 2048x2048 monochrome images.

I ran the cudaEncode sample program with the supplied config file 1080p-h264.cfg modified as follows:

2048            //NVVE_OUT_SIZE width
2048            //NVVE_OUT_SIZE height
2048            //NVVE_IN_SIZE width
2048            //NVVE_IN_SIZE height
2               //NVVE_ASPECT_RATIO  (0: 4.0f/3.0f 1:16.0f/9.0f 2:1.0f)

When I run the program, the call to NVCreateHWEncoder fails.
I have managed to create a video at 1024x1024.

Do I need to modify other parameters in the configuration file or is the whitepaper incorrect?

It is necessary to specify the level in NVVE_PROFILE_LEVEL explicitly.

At least level 5.1 is required for 2048x2048 so I used 13133 (0x334d)

god bless nvidia cuda core.

try modifing NVVE_PRESETS to -1