Unable to get Decoding Capabilities by cuvidGetDecoderCaps

I have a server with Tesla T4 GPU. I am trying to decode an H264 video on GPU. I am using Cuda SDK to get CUVIDDECODECAPS (decoding capabilities of GPU) but it is returning 0 to MinWidth, MinHeight, MaxWidth, MaxHeight, and false to “bIsSupported”. ie. This hardware doesn’t support decoding on GPU. But according to this link T4 does support video decoding.

Below is the code snippet.

CUVIDDECODECAPS decodeCaps = {};
decodeCaps.eCodecType = _codec;
decodeCaps.eChromaFormat = _chromaFormat;
decodeCaps.nBitDepthMinus8 = videoFormat.nBitDepthMinus8;


Below is driver and cuda version

NVIDIA-SMI 440.118.02 Driver Version: 440.118.02 CUDA Version: 10.2 and Nvidia Video codec SDK is 11.0.10

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong I am doing here?