Why i can use only two grafik devices with the cuda api not three

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I have a problem with the cuda engine External Image I have three devices on my x58 motherboard and the nvidia controll panel see all of them,but if i will use n applikation as tmpgenc are only the first 2 are available.

Sli is deaktivated!!

On the pictures you can see what i mean :ph34r:

Have anybody n idea what the problem is ?

Thank you already for your fixes External Image

Sorry for the two posts are i have no idea how i can clean one of them :blink:

Have you read the release notes? In Vista, you either have to have a monitor attached to each GPU or enable PhysX on that GPU in order for it to be usable by CUDA.

But why i can use two of them devices? Only in one card is a monitor plugt in?

This is not the badaboom converter its tmpeggenc,and in other cuda application is it exactly the same.

Look her only 0 and 1

Only two from three devices are visible in the programms

If there is the problem with the monitor,comes anytime n update to fix this monitor plug in problem?

Because i will not need three displays, i will only use this cards with cuda External Image

Nobody has another approach? External Image

Is this the only way “use 3 displays to work with 3 devices under cuda” ?

dose windows see all three cards ? can you extend your desktop to the other devices without attaching a monitor ? i have done this in the past (on windows xp) to solve some issues, just create the smallest screen possible.

Yes all cards a visible in vista.

Yes and i can extendet the desktop to other devices when i install n display on this device,but this is not the question.

I will not to install 1 display on each device to run cuda application on it :unsure:

And why the applikacations see two devices?

well then i guess you won’t be able to use all 3 devices with cuda under vista :) defining small desktops on the devices should have minimal effects on performance and your work flow …

Yes all three in different applications for converting External Image

But i have not 3 displays :unsure:

And the other thing is why cuda see two devices?

Only one device have a monitor and the same with the desktop