Will GPUDirect RDMA works for cuda 6.0 and above?

GPUDirect RDMA code works in Cuda 5.5 whereas with the modified APIs for cuda 6.0 and above, specified in the Nvidia docs page, the system simply crashes after nvidia_p2p_get_pages() functions returns.

From “dmesg” output,

<4>gpudirect_rdma:: nvidia_p2p_get_pages returned success
<4>gpudirect_rdma:: Number of entries in page table :: 1
<4>gpudirect_rdma:: Page_table Entries : Physical base addr id: 0 value = c0400000
<1>BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 0000000000400000
<1>IP: [<0000000000400000>] 0x400000

CentOS Release: 6.4
Graphics card : Tesla K20
Driver Version: 340.29
Cuda Toolkit: 6.5

Please help me to fix the issue.