Windows.old created while installing NIVIDIA graphics,wsl, cuda etc

I have a NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3050 laptop with Windows 11 OS. I had installed on Windows 11 Anaconda3, Jupyter Notebook using conda and it was working fine. I had installed CUDA 11.1 and associated CudNN files.

Since I wanted to install Tensorflow and it was written that WSL2 is essential for latest CUDA Versions, I installed WSL2 following the steps in Install WSL | Microsoft Learn (installed Ubuntu 22.0) and NVIDIA GPU support following the steps in NVIDIA GPU Accelerated Computing on WSL 2 CUDA version was changed to 12.1 as WSL2 supports 11.8 or higher Then I installed Miniconda in Ubuntu following the steps in Install TensorFlow with pip

Now I find that commands like conda list, jupyter-notebook etc are not working in Windows Command prompt.

I find that there is Windows and Windows.old now in my file system (C:/ drive).

Kindly help me understand the issue(It might be a simple, but I am from electronics background) and how to run jupyter notebook in Windows while also using Ubuntu.