Windows Server 2016 Expected Speeds?

We have a mellanox connectx-3 NIC connected to a Mellanox 1012 12x40GE switch operating with Windows Server 2016. We’ve used the beta software driver provided by mellanox but can’t seem to get anywhere close to wire speed. Has anyone else experienced low performance levels? I used iPerf3 to test the speed on two different nodes in a cluster, and could use another tool to confirm the speeds if anyone has any recommendations.

You’ve not mention your CX-3 speed rate (I assume it’s 40Gb/s), neither the actual performance you’ve achieved, but to try and get the oprtimim perfromance I would suggest to start with the following actions:

  1. Follow the performance fine-tuning guidance in the Mellanox WinOF “user manual” to set the proper parameters of driver & fw

  2. On Windows platforms - use NTttcp performance tool rather then iperf3

(Windows Server: Using the NTttcp Tool to Troubleshoot Network Performance | Dell Israel