Wlan0 connection not showing up


I’m trying to add a wifi adapter to the 4GB Jetson nano with no success. I’ve tried EW-7811UN-V2, Archer T2U Nano and even the LINCUKOO adapter included with the 2GB jetson nano (we received the model for a different project). I expected each of these models to be “plug & play” but I never have the option to set up Wlan0 - it doesn’t seem to exist. I’m still learning common networking practices, this could just be a gap in my knowledge, so any advice would be appreciated
Specific things I’ve tried:

  • nmcli d
    eth0, l4tbr0, dummy0, rndis0, usb0, and lo show up but not wlan0
  • lsusb before and after connecting a given adapter
    A new device appears when plugged in
  • ifconfig wlan0
    wlan0: error fetching interface information: Device not found

Thanks so much!


You can try intel8265 which should work on jetson nano. Other device may required extra kernel driver installed.