Workflow to combine YoloV3 sample and output Data to Kafka

Hi @all,

i want to use the Yolov3 Detector similar to the provided example and send the detections to a kafka topic. I have rebuild an used the test4 example to connect to kafka and it works. I use the Jeston AGX Xavier.

I am struggling on how to start to design a pipeline which inferes with Yolov3 and sends the output over kafka. I cant seem to find any basic examples of how to implement such custom pipeline. Can anybody tell me how i should start, useful examples, literature etc?

Simply adding

partition-key =

to the deepstream_app_config_yolov3.txt does not work.

I know that i need the nvmsgconv and then the Gst_nsmsgbroker. Another problem is that test4 is in C while the yolo sample is in cpp.

You can port library “objectDetector_Yolo” (include cudaEngine create and output parser) and “config_infer_primary_yoloV3.txt” to deepstream-test4

Can you tell me how to do that properly? Or where i can get instructions?

Or can you tell me how to use csi video input in test4-app?

Is there any documentation besides the readme files?

I have now added a new sink as configuration group with the schema from

This is it:

#Type - 1=FakeSink 2=EglSink 3=File 4=RTSPStreaming 5=Overlay
#1=h264 2=h265
# set below properties für kafka

and i have written it into the file: deepstream_app_config_yoloV3.txt.

The Output is:

Unknown group message-broker

Creating LL OSD context new
Deserialize yoloLayerV3 plugin: yolo_83
Deserialize yoloLayerV3 plugin: yolo_95
Deserialize yoloLayerV3 plugin: yolo_107

And then the Programm works normal without sending the results to kafka.

[EDIT: The “Unknown group message-broker” disappears if I delete the optional msg-conv-config=cfg_kafka.txt but still it doesnt send messages to the kafka topic]

How to continue?

I think the steps are:

  1. make test4 work
  2. Replace detection by yolov3
    Here has nvinfer source code diagram:
    DeepStream SDK FAQ

You can also refer to deepstream-test5/configs

Thanks for your reply!

As Test4 works, i will now have a look at 2. and get back here soon.