How to send predictions with kafka

I am trying to run deepstream-app on source1_csi_dec_infer_resnet_int8.txt so that I get the detections from a csi camera. I then want to pass the detections to another script using kafka. I have added this sink:


although it is running and I can see the detections on screen display, no new topic is created at kafka with the results.

Are you saying you can not receive the message through your script? or something else? not quite follow what do you mean.
if the first, you can follow, step 5, READ THE EVENTS
about how to consume the message sent from remote device.

I am sorry it was not clear. I mean that deepstream was not sending any messages to kafka at all. However if I use deepstream-test5-app -c config.txt instead of deepstream-app -c config.txt it sends the messages to kafka correctly.

Yeah, test4 and test5 sample demonstrated for message conversion and message sending.