Use of Deepstream-app with sink type 6 to send messages to Kafka/Redis

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) GPU
• DeepStream Version 6.2-triton
• TensorRT Version 8.5.2
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only) 525.78.01
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs) Question


I am trying to use the message send to Redis/Kafka for my application. When I am using test-app5, launching from the C code - everything works perfectly. The question is: Can I use deepstream-app directly for this use case? Or do I have to use the C code to launch?

When I am configuring sink type=6 and using the exact configuration that works for test-app5, Nothing gets to the server when launching directly with: deepstream-app -c config.txt

As it as intended?

Thanks ahead

if msg-conv-msg2p-new-api=0, need to call generate_event_msg_meta, please refer to it in bbox_generated_probe_after_analytics of deepstream_test5_app_main.c

Thanks for replying! So your saying that when I use new-api=1 I can use deepstream-app directly?
Thanks again

yes, nvmsgconv is opensource, please refer to gst_nvmsgconv_transform_ip in opt\nvidia\deepstream\deepstream\sources\gst-plugins\gst-nvmsgconv\gstnvmsgconv.c

Thanks your comment made it work. Thank you so much!

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