Xavier - Python2.7 - OpencvContrib3.4.0 - Installation

I am working on Xavier and I try to use Opencv tracking algorithms with python2.7. But I faced with this error when I call tracking algorithms.

"csrt": cv2.TrackerCSRT_create,
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'TrackerCSRT_create'

Then I tried to install opencv and opencv-contrib lib to Xavier. I followed this topic ‘How to install Opencv-contrib-python on Xavier’[0] topic.

Here is what I did step by step:
1 - Downloaded script[1] that mentioned in topic, to ‘/home/nvidia/’ path.
2 - Changed all opencv and opencv_contrib versions to ‘3.4.0.’. Also I changed file name to ‘install_opencv3.4.0_Xaiver.sh’. After this step script file look like this[2].
3 - Run sh file with the command ‘sudo ./install_opencv3.4.0_Xaiver.sh ~/’

Installation was successful. But after installation I still face with same error when I called tracking algorithms. Console print while script file runing[3].

I don’t understand why it did not work after installation finished successfully.


Maybe it didn’t correctly install for python2. Check from python2 that:


shows the expected version.