YA Camera Question: using the USBOTG port to emulate a camera?

Before I try this at home: can the USBOTG port on the TX1 (in particular: with the dev board) be set up so that it looks like a camera to another machine? The idea is to have two or more cameras on the TX1 doing various things and producing a composite image, then feed that image to another box as if it were coming from a camera?

I assume this will involve modifying the v4lloopback driver?

Does this even make sense?

There has been an interest in similar situations by other people. The same answers for a JTK1 apply to a JTX1. The basic gist is that the port must be put into device mode, and a driver created to make the device behave like a camera. The USB “gadget” interface helps to accelerate developing USB device mode drivers in cases of common USB classes, and is a generally available Linux kernel framework. This thread should get you started:

Kernel documentation has details on the USB gadget framework.

Would something like this work for you?

The library is agnostic to the SoC.

@DavidSoto thanks, this looks like it might do the trick. I’ll post a follow-up when I get it running (I’m such an optimist :) )