Yet another machine setup problem

Hi All,

Although this is quite an old topic, I’m still looking for better solution. I am just wondering that if four 8800gtx on one motherboard is possible. With ASUS L1N64-SLI, there’re four PCI-E x16 slots available (2 for 16x, 2 for 8x), and if I use BFG water-cooled version of 8800 GTX, which takes only 1 slot. I think PSU is not a problem since you can get 1200W PSU easily on So, is it possible for me to do that setup?

Another question is that, is there anyone who installed 8800GTX on those server motherboard such as TYAN n6660W (with 4 PCI-E, too)? Is there any big performance differences due to the server chipset it used?

Mu Chi