You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment

Hi, this is my first time taking the NVIDIA course, I took the course “Getting Started with Deep Learning”, I have reached material 5, when I want to continue to material 6 I can’t start the lab and a pop up appears “You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment.”, I didn’t expect to have the problem described above.

Would it be possible to add some time to be able to conclude the final exercise? Thank in advance.


I have forwarded your request to the DLI team for review. Thanks for your patience while we look into this.


We’ve extended your time and revisited the amount of time we provide for the course overall. Good luck with the remainder.

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Thank you so much for the solution, it is really appreciated.

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Thank you for the solution!

Hi, I have the same problem with the ‘Building Real-Time Video AI Applications’ course. while passing the coding assessment, it stopped because I reached the lab time limit. Could you please extend my time to complete the course and get the certificate?

thank you for the solution!

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