Usage Limit lab time provided with your course

Hello, this is the first time that I take the NVIDIA course, I took the “Getting Started with Deep Learning” course, I got to the last material, only because of a learning to reinforce the time I missed, I can’t start the laboratory and I get a pop-up window “You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment”, I did not expect to have the problem described above.

Would it be possible to add some time to be able to finish the final exercise? Thanks in advance.


I have forwarded your request to the DLI team for review. It may take some time for a reply as many folks are on holiday this week.


Hello @a220223149,

I’ve provided you with some additional lab time so you can continue with the coursework.

Taylor, DLI Platform

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Hello, I got a same issue. Can you give me more time to take a class? I only used it for studying for a short time but I got the error. what’s the exact time that I can use it? It’s too short :(

Hello @swm-study,

This has been taken care of.