You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment

Hi there,

I was unaware there was a time limit on the DLI course and now I’m unable to finish the course.

  1. Could you please add more lab time to my account?
  2. This seems like a recurring issue – most posts tagged DLI in this forum are about this exact thing. Including quite a few that also didn’t realize their lab time was limited. I contacted the support email address that pops up in the notice, but I haven’t heard back since the beginning of the week. A few ideas:
    A) Make it clear that the time is limited – maybe a notice when you click the “launch” button with the remaining time. Or maybe a watermark over the webpage with the Jupyter notebook.
    B) Have a designated support email address for these requests.
    C) Make the contents of the Jupyter notebook’s accessible even if we can no longer run Isaac Sim on the NVIDIA server. As it is, I can’t even continue with the course using local Isaac Sim nor can I review the course notes.

Hello @BAB,

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t own the DLI platform, but I can grant you more time. Please tell me the course title, and I can adjust this for you.


Thanks, Tom. Understood :)

The course title is “Introduction to Robotic Simulations in Isaac Sim”.

I was able to grant you 8 hours.