YUV to JPEG Encoder Sample

I want to encode raw YUV images (particularly 4:2:0 planar format) to JPEG.
I’ve downloaded the Cuda toolkit 8.0 which includes the 7_CUDALibrariess/jpegNPP and as stated this sample demonstrates how to use NPP for JPEG compression on the GPU.

However this sample input is an already jpeg image which is being decoded and then encoded again and this is clearly not what i need.

Before I continue learning this sample, I just wanted to ask if it is possible to use this sample to encode YUV images? Or maybe there are other samples/projects that I should use?

Alex Kh.

Do you find the solution?


Yes .
I used sample code from https://github.com/CESNET/GPUJPEG.


Hi Sanich
I face the same issue as yours, so if you already resolve this issue would you like to share your code for me? I get confused about using the library to do the encoding. Thanks in advance