10G PHY on demo board

AQR113C is a 10G PHY on NV Jetson_AGX_Orin_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board. Does Orin_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board support the 1588 PTP of AQR113C?

Yes, Orin will support PTP on this phy.

Hi Wayne,
Orin AGX module supports PTP 1588 on AQR113C, is right?
Can We achieve the feature following the Jetson_AGX_Orin_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board design´╝čHardware and software´╝č

Hi haikui,
Jetson support PTP with MAC chip,not depend on PYP chip(such as AQE113C),Actually´╝î there is ptpd daemon running which is a SW implementation of the protocol itself, it send/recvs ptp packets over UDP/L2 packets and MAC HW will timestamp those ptp packets at HW level before tx or rx

please tested with AGX devkit on your hand for PTP related, it should be same AGX Orin

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