10G PHY for Orin based design

Hi ,
We are designign a carrier card based on Jetson Orin SOM. The 10G PHY used in the EV kit is AQR113C but we are finding difficulty in sourcing this component.
Can anyone confirm if we can use 88X3310PA (marvel alaska single 10GBase -T transceiver) ? Do we also have he driver support on L4T for this device ?


Hi, we have no suggestion on such not validated device. You may need check with vendor for reference design/driver and make related design following Orin Design Guide.

Anything with an XFI interface that has clause 45 registers should work. I believe that chip may have a proper phy driver instead of the generic clause 45 driver as well. (see drivers/net/phy/marvell10g.c in linux source code)


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